Huge space with beautiful interiors and gorgeous look will be yours now!! Taste the delightful designs by Urban Pride Interiors

Natural Lights & Air

Let as much natural light & air come inside your rooms. They provide daylight from above that is balanced, filling even the darkest corners of a room

Conflicting Objects

Cutting off conflicting objects next to each other will provide you enough space. Try as much possible to avoid such conflicts in your room

Our 1 BHK packages are the perfect mid-sized homes. Modern furniture is designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern times. Apart from these, you have got the choice to pick the article of furniture from the massive assortment of distinctive styles from our look-book. Explore Now!!

Good Design for Good Moments

In a 1 BHK room the common things done are :

  • Extension of balcony
  • Removing some wall
  • Combining WC & Shower area in to one bathroom

So what you have to do is play with:

  • Play with lights
  • Play with Colors
  • Decide what objects to use inside each room & Plan placement of same